Donations and donor list

You can read the full text of Moon Hoax: Debunked! for free, but if you fancy encouraging me to update it and extend it, or just offering me a pint of beer to say thanks, who am I to stop you?

If you like, I’ll include your name/nickname/company name in the list of donors below.

A quick legal note: making a donation does not entitle you to any rights on the content of my book other than those already given to you automatically by its Creative Commons license. I try to answer every e-mail regardless of whether they’re from a donor or a non-donor. All donations are duly reported to the tax authorities of Switzerland, the country where I live.

Thank you!


Some donors have asked to remain fully anonymous: here are the ones who have given me permission to be mentioned at least in partially anonymized form. To each and every one, thank you and ad astra!