Updates and corrections

2016 edition

I’ve introduced a few typographical fixes, such as proper apostrophes (’) instead of “computer” apostrophes ('), and tweaked the stylesheet for clarity.

I’ve changed all occurrences of manned to a more gender-neutral crewed, except where I am quoting someone’s exact words or referring to an organization that has manned in its name (e.g., the Manned Spaceflight Center).

I’ve also reduced the number of footnotes, including as many as possible in the body of the text.

I’ve fixed a few UK/US English inconsistencies, such as sunburned/sunburnt. I’m British, but I’ve used US English rules in the book because I know that otherwise I’ll get heaps of mail complaining about my “misspelling” of colour, metre, tranquillity and so on. Brits, instead, will cringe and bear politely.

Chapter 1, “Race for the Moon”

I’ve corrected explodes dishearteningly on the pad, in front of a television audience of millions to explodes dishearteningly on the pad because there is some doubt among historians as to whether the footage was broadcast live on TV or not.

In Section 1.7, “Post-Apollo Explorations”, I’ve added China’s Chang’e 3/Yutu soft landing on the Moon, which occurred in 2013 shortly after I had published the first edition.

Chapter 8, “Alleged physical anomalies”

In Section 8.8, “It’s impossible to cool an astronaut in a vacuum”, I’ve corrected a typo: use self-contained is now used self-contained.

Chapter 16, “Apollo by the numbers”

In Section 16.3, “Apollo astronauts”, sadly I’ve had to update this section to record the deaths of Bill Pogue in March 2014 and Ed Mitchell in February 2016. I’ve also corrected a typo which made it appear that John Young had flown on Apollo 6 (it was actually Apollo 16).

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